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Granada Private Tour

Private Tours in Granada. Discover the city with an official tour guide.

“Every inquisitive traveller keeps Granada in his heart, without having even visited it”. William Shakespeare.

Granada, millenary town, birthplace of multiple civilizations which left an inexpugnable trace on streets, architecture, art, tradition and cuisine that we would be glad to share with all of those inquisitive travelers who visit us.

Our legacy is huge due to Muslims, Jews, Christians and Gipsies. Thanks to them, Granada is an essential destination where the past helps us to unterstand better our present and build a much more prosperous future.

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“If you were to visit just one city in Spain, it should be Granada”. Ernest Hemingway.

The most important monument to visit is the Alhambra, then the Old Muslim part of Granada called the Albayzín, the City Center where is possible to find the most outstanding Catholic Buildings, followed by the Realejo, Old Jewish section and not forgetting the unique Sacromonte where some gypsy families live.

The Alhambra is the most precious stone that Granada has, it was built during the Middle Ages and it hides several secrets and wonders. Clay, plaster, marble, wood, water, are just some elements employed by the Nasrid dynasty to create an incomparable citadel to see. Then the Generalife, which is nearby, shows us an amazing landscape of Granada, surrounded by orchards and gardens, with plenty of flowers, trees, fruits and vegetables.

Alhambra Tour

Alhambra Tour

The Alhambra of Granada is considered to be the best preserved Muslim fortress of Europe. It's a unique place, full of gardens and palaces, where it is possible to get lost through the history, combining the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period. An amazing...

Granada Highlights Tour

Granada Highlights Tour

Let us take you to discover Granada, one of the most important cities in Europe during the Middle Ages, founded in 1013 by the Ziriids, and ruled for centuries by the Nasrids. Thousands of people living in a chosen place where Muslims, Jews and Christians used to...

Full Day Tour

Full Day Tour

The tour is divided in two blocks, one in the morning and the other during the afternoon. During the morning we visit the most important monument of our city, The Alhambra, after having a break for lunch, we'll go to the Albayzín (UNESCO World Heritage Site),...

Granada in pictures

“Granada is so moving that it stimulates and melts all of the senses”. Henri Matisse.

If the typical tour is not what you expect, just contact us and you’ll become part of our city.


About Us

Granada Private Tour offers an Official Tour Guide with a extensive knowledge concerning the city and its cultural heritage.

Guillermo López Capelli

Official Tour Guide

Welcome to Granada!

My name is Guillermo and, I’m an official tour guide in this lovely city. After I finished my degree in Tourism in 2008, I worked in a couple of tourist information centers and also as a receptionist in hotels, but in 2013 I finally focused on one of my passions, to become a tour guide and, I’m very proud of my decision. Costumer-oriented work showing Granada’s heritage is a privilege, and a gift that I do with passion and dedication.

Granada is unique, an enthralled place and full of magic, where luckily I spent part of my childhood in some of the most authentic quarters in town, working where I grew up it’s a fortune. Showing the bounties that the city offers and sharing them with the visitors, is a privilege within the reach of very few. I think that to be a tour guide is more than walking and talking, it’s about sharing knowledge and experiences, if you really enjoy what you do, everything is much easier, that’s my philosophy.

If the typical tour is NOT in your plans, then I’ll be your guide.


Mamen Estevan Céspedes

Official Tour Guide

Hello! My name is Mamen. Despite being raised in the warm Mediterranean of Almería, I always knew from my childhood that Granada would end up being (part of) my life. For that to happen I studied a degree in tourism at the University of Almería and a master’s degree in business management and administration at the University of Alicante, I worked in hotels and car rentals, I traveled around the world, I learned languages and history and I moved to Berlin in 2009 where I was lucky to start working as a tour guide. After several years of experience in the German capital, in 2014 I decided to return to the city of my dreams, Granada, where it has been normal since then to find me walking its streets with anyone who wants to join me.

For me, guiding is not just memorizing a speech and relating it. For me, guiding means learning the historical part in order to understand and build a more prosperous present and future. Guiding means to meet incredible people from many parts of the world with whom to exchange impressions and knowledge. The true objective of the tour guide should be to interpret the heritage in such a way that the visitor sits for a while as the protagonist of the history, and if there’s something that is not lacking in Granada it is history and heritage. An enormous legacy as a result of the Arab, Jewish, Christian and Gypsy heritage that we Andalusian people preserve. Granada is the Alhambra, and it is the Royal Chapel, it is the Cathedral, and it is the Albayzín, it is the Sacromonte and flamenco. And of course, guiding in Granada also implies that, for a few seconds, the silence gives way to contemplate the beauty that this city full of perspectives offers. If you want to discover them, I will be happy to show them to you.

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